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Quick Android Tip: Get to a Specific Character

One of the complaints about Android I seem to be seeing recently is that it’s difficult to get to a specific character to change it when typing text on an Android Device.

There isn’t as nice a way as on an iPhone with the magnifying glass. However, I’ve found that you can get close by touching the point, then move the cursor precisely using the trackball/ optical pad (in fact it’s the only thing I’ve used the optical pad for so far!). You can then insert a character, delete one or edit one quickly and simply in the right place.

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  1. Kahunadave says

    Have you come across any good IM apps? Preferebly so my mrs can connect to facebook chat and yahoo messenger.
    I’m trying to persuade my mrs to use a Android phone

    • Lee says

      I haven’t tried any IM apps yet.
      I believe eBuddy is available, which I have used before on my iPod touch. It’s not completely awful and does cover a huge variety of IM services.
      The nice advantage to Android will hopefully be the background tasks for IM apps (or at least until iPhone OS 4.0 comes out…)

      I may look at playing with a couple soon. I’ll feedback on what I find if I do.

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