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What’s in a Domain Name?

Last week I was contemplating rushing out and buying a couple of .com domain names ahead of the price rise. These domain names would be used for the other few blogs I want to set up.

I tweeted my thoughts on Twitter and got one reply back:

@leesto Nothing worse than choosing the wrong name. You might end up paying twice when you change your mind. #my2centsless than a minute ago via Brizzly

It made me realise that I was more than likely going to end up with something I wasn’t completely happy with, all for the sake of saving a few pence (which is nothing considering the domains I have purchased but haven’t done anything with yet).

I held off in the end. All I need now is a flash of inspiration for a good name.

As for my other blogs, the only reason they’re not live yet is that I can’t think of a good enough name with the domain available (I’m trying to get .com’s but will look at others if need be). This is a big enough hold up to the point that I have some posts ready to go, I just don’t have the blog yet.
So if you do have any ideas on a name for a Theme Park Blog or Development Blog (these are the next two I want to role out). Then, leave your ideas in the comments, drop me an email, or message me on twitter.

Out of interest, do you think I should be aiming for a .com address? Or do you feel it doesn’t matter as much in the age of search engines and twitter?

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  1. Tom Robertshaw says

    What’s the purpose of each of your blogs – if it’s just to inform then it’s likely that there’s not much in a domain name. If it’s taking you that long to think of a ‘good one’, it can’t matter too much. Just get the content out there before it’s not relevant any more.

    If most of your traffic is going to be through organic search results then the domain name doesn’t matter much, the same goes with direct and referral.

    With regards to TLDs, my preference would be .com, .net, if you go by what people value.

    Ideas, hmmm.

    Dev –, (at a mere £1,300 on godaddy…),

    Theme park, and flumingbrilliant?

    • Lee Stone says

      I agree in regards of the TLD’s. I try to stick to those three, but for some reason it just feels ‘better’ using a .com – not sure why. However, I’ve only had that mentality for the last year or so. Previous to that I always targeted first, so perhaps there isn’t any method to my madness!

      Thanks for the domain ideas. Now if I could only find £1300…..

  2. (another) lee stone says

    I am a great believer in .org domains for establishing trust with your readers – as long as you are presenting genuinely independent reviews and opinion. This trust would totally evaporate if you were overtly commercial.

    why don’t you get as your “opinion” outlet? I know it’s available at the right price ;-)

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